Tokyo One Way

Client: Adria Nabekle
Date: 1 May 2019
Services: Website

Hachi my love

It was  not just a temporary flat, but a delicious backup  furnished with personal objects. There also was an LC2 chair, European taste, I didn’t comment.

Ama and Hisao went out, he wanted to show her the Ootaguro Park, a lush green lung in the middle of this overpopulated ward.

“Luggage for you”, we realized we were alone in an enclosed space for the second time.

The fridge was already cleaned, just a suit to be put in the suitcase.

“Check the drawers!” Mmmhh I knew this way to flirt. “Please check in those at the entrance!”

For a few days I had in my pocket a mother-of-pearl full moon. When I saw it I thought of the pendant he made me for Christmas and I bought it. In the right drawer there was a transparent sachet which contained a golden sun. I silently put the moon in the left one. “On the left ? It’s not opening!”

He came behind me brushing my hips and opened it, he was caught for words  for a couple of seconds, he threaded the moon on the leather band he wore around his neck and did the same with the sun for me.

“If you only wished!”

Everything was ready, more then that we were ready.

“Do you want to go for a stroll ?” 

“Not for Luz and me neither!”

“Can I kiss you ?”